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Guaranteed Lowest Rates

We will give you $500 if we can’t beat your current credit card processing rate*

Free Software App and Card Reader

Getting started is easy. Set up your merchant account, download the free software app from the App Store and once your account is approved, we’ll send you a free card reader.

Real-Time Reporting

View real-time reporting, so you can create and view reports, and find and review individual transactions.

Customizable Inventory

Set up your inventory into easy to access categories along with inserting pictures from your photo library or take your own in just minutes.

E-mail Receipts

E-mail receipts to customers for sales, refunds and voids that include actual signatures and descriptions with images of items purchased. Plus with Google Maps™, customers can see where the transaction took place.

Tips & Tax

Set up default tip and tax percentages, or use Geo Tax to automatically calculate the tax rate based on your current location.

*Some restrictions may apply; ask your  BEST PRICE CCP representative for specific details.